<center>  “A brilliant symphonic conductor” – Pianist David Benoit </center><center>“A consummate craftsman and cherished asset.”- Conrad Pope, Hollywood Composer and Orchestrator </center><center>“His technical expertise and rapport with the music and musicians guarantee a high level of performance.” – Harold Farberman</center><center>“His baton technique is exemplary!” – Harold Farberman</center>

Welcome to the website of Jeffrey Schindler, conductor, orchestrator, arranger, early musician, harpsichordist, organist, scholar living in Los Angeles and working in Hollywood.

Jeffrey Schindler’s diverse and interesting musical life includes: conducting the scores for Academy Award winning motion pictures, world premieres by celebrated American composers, and the first performance of the Rite of Spring in Tasmania. He has recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios and performed with some of the leading luminaries of the early music world. He has conducted and orchestrated outdoor extravaganza productions broadcast hundreds of times across the U.S., had his arrangements played all over the globe, and even played organ recitals in New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral!

Learn more about him on this website by reading his blog, viewing his recording titles, listening to his recordings, seeing videos of him conducting around the world, etc. If you want to reach him, you can use the contact form below or on the contacts page.